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Welcome to Benefit Your Life Store! The purpose of our store is….guess what….to Benefit Your Life!

You see, nowadays, there are a lot of choices and, to be honest, a lot of confusion as to what will make our lives better. Let’s just take a look at the various challenges facing ourselves, our families and our society. We are all too often in a terrible rush, what with job, family obligations, financial pressure, health issues, social problems, environmental problems—the list goes on and on and ON!

What’s more, we have lots of information, but what’s to be sure that it is valid or not. Make no mistake. There is valid information, and there are valuable products and services. However, it’s unfortunately true that the opposite is often true!

Can You Believe What the News or Advertisements Tell You?

So how DO you know what’s real, and what’s not? What will benefit your life…or not…maybe even harm you?

Here is a perfect example. Back in the 1950’s you could watch ads on the TV, saying “More Doctors recommend Lucky Strike Cigarettes” for its health benefits. It took years to finally nail the tobacco industry for pushing cigarettes onto the public with fake advertising, when they KNEW it was fake! They were lying through their teeth, just to make a buck off of our ill health. Not very nice.  Or what about the financial meltdown of 2007-8 where millions lost their house while the mortgage companies and banks cleaned up, first, by promoting “Liar Loans” in the first place, and then by getting bailed out by the government, leaving foreclosed homeowners holding the bag, and an empty one at that.

Here is another example. You heard about Flint, Michigan? The city administrators allowed lead to leach into the water supply seriously affecting the population’s health. The cost ‘saving’ in not providing clean water resulted in massive health problems which are far more expensive to fix. Think of the children, whose future intelligence has been impaired. Not only is their future productivity to potential employers lost, but they are permanently handicapped. Public health is being undermined.

Are We Really on Our Own?

Well, yes and no. It is true that we can’t depend on everything we are told. HOWEVER, it is also true that there are good people who want to do the best, not just for themselves, but for their families, their society and the whole world. We call this, WIN WIN WIN WIN. The pie is not a zero sum game, except to those who play it. For those of us who feel that a rising tide raises all boats, the possibilities for mutual benefit are tremendous. This idea has been expressed as Right Livelihood. So this is a Right Livelihood website. The information you get here will be based the personal research of myself and my staff. Think of Benefit Your Life Store as your personal ally, to enhance, improve and and advance your health, wealth, life and happiness. The main emphasis is on health, because health is our most important asset.

The Importance of Good Health

For example, one of the biggest issues facing society right now is obesity. People are eating too much food and the wrong kind of food. That results in numerous health problems, such as overstressed joints that have to bear too much weight, or heart problems, diabetes from an overworked pancreas, and general toxicity. For starters, if you have a weight issue, or even if you don’t you can take a totally FREE Toxicity Quiz. This quiz asks questions about diet, use of medicines, and so on, which will give you an idea of how much toxins are stored in your body, especially fatty tissue. Without realizing it, your health may be compromised by the many ways we are experiencing slow poison. Check out our article, How Chemicals Affect Our Everyday Lives for details here.

One way to detox which you can start right now, is to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables. They not only give us vitamins and minerals which our body needs to maintain good health, and which are not found it most diets, but they also act as cleaners because of their fiber, it’s like giving your insides a good stimulating brushing. That and adequate healthy liquids can make a huge difference.  You might want to consider, either making a lot more salad, which can be made from both fruits as well as vegetables. Or you could use a juicer to make smoothies. By breaking down the foods in a juicer, the vitamins and minerals are easier to digest.

What About Joints?

One of the biggest problems facing people who are either overweight, or have athletic injuries or are simply getting old, is that joints become painful. One of the best things you can do, especially if you are overweight, is to lose weight. It is a fact that every pound of weight on your knees is like 4 pounds, because the knee is relatively small, and the weight is concentrated in the small area where upper and lower leg meet. Three things you can do:

Try taking a supplement

Supplements that prevent inflammation and even help repair joints are now available. See our blog post here, for some of the best.

Lose Weight, as fast as you can, if possible.

Like I said above, more people have arthritis and other joint problem such as worn out cartilage due being overweight. Help is on the way! A well defined diet (with optional exercise) can give you results you need—and fast. But sometimes, a little encouragement can make the difference in sticking to it. Let’s face it, giving up our eating habits for a period of time can be a real challenge. To learn more about that, check out the 2 Week Diet Plan, created by Trainer and Nutritionist, Brian Flatt.

Full Disclosure

Please be aware that as an independent blogger, I have no ties to anyone or any company, telling me what to do or what to write. My job here is to quite literally Benefit Your Life, based on the principle of my research for our mutual benefit. The costs of maintaining a blog can actually be quite expensive. Sure, anybody can slap up something for free, but no one is going to read it if they can’t find it. So it takes quite a lot effort to provide the information people need. To defray costs, I may receive commissions from some companies, such as Amazon or Clickbank for promoting products found there.

HOWEVER! I only present products which in my opinion based on research, are suitable for myself, and which I myself would use.

Secondly, please understand that I am not a medical professional. This has advantages and disadvantages. First, the disadvantages:

I will not be able to perform surgery or recommend some treatment as if I were a doctor, nurse or other medical professional. I only provide information that has taken thousands of hours over years to come up with.

The Benefits of Objective Research

That gives you, Dear Reader, the gift of time saved and also provides options that you might never have known about in the first place. All of that is done free. There will never be a Paywall, like some of the media do (especially ones that lie to you, find their readers deserting them, so they have to charge to keep their business going). The fact that I have NOT gone through a course of training means that I have researched from an objective point of view, various options that otherwise biased writers or advisors might present. Surgeons recommend surgery and drugs that they are trained to perform and that the drug companies ‘induce’ them (bribe with perks, fancy conventions, kickbacks etc.) to prescribe. This is not to say that the treatments or medicines aren’t valid. They may well be. But maybe there are alternatives that they’re not aware of.

The same goes for many other professions. They are all good, but frequently lack the benefit of Objectivity. Can you imagine a professional in one specialty, saying, “Oh, your condition requires you to go to somebody else.” A good one will do so, IF THEY even know what the alternative is!

I have taken the time to do the objective research. So take advantage of it. No obligation.